Automated Code Validation

By integrating U-DEPLOYER with your Informatica platform, you can build, check, and run automated tests – keeping your code base clean at all times.

Automated Build, Test And Job Execution

U-DEPLOYER takes the concept of CI/CD pipelines where you can build apps that have their source code distributed across many repositories, run multiple builds and tests in parallel, and take advantage of many smart optimizations that save your time when running incremental builds.

Automated Deployment To Upper Environment

U-DEPLOYER helps you to structure your software delivery process, and allow you to focus on writing code and schedule automated tests, validations and deployments instead of manually connecting different parts of pipelines to each other.

Real-Time Reporting Panel

Don’t wait for a build to finish to discover that something is wrong. Everything is reported on the fly, so if pre-defined validation step fails you can dig into an issue, resolve it, assign it to your project members, or even re-deploy it directly.

Custom Clean Code With Test Intelligence

U-DEPLOYER understands your tests like no other CI solution. It integrates with your Informatica utility tools, keeps a history of your tests, flags failed tests, and can even help you identify the exact points that cause failures in your pipelines.

Platform Benefits

Implementing a continuous deployment pipeline delivers many tangible and non-tangible benefits

  •  90% Reduction in delivery time to production
  • 90% reduction in code bugs
  • Strict adherence to coding standards
  • Frees up valuable Developer hours which can be utilized doing more important tasks that impacts project ROI


Standard framework, procedure and process flow.


Plan your deployments according to your software development life cycle.


Simple, clean code, enforced naming convention, automated validation and unit test execution. 

Quick Launch

An automated integration, validation and test help deliver quality code in to higher environment faster


The Continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment practices are very common in the industry
now and is probably safe to say that it will become de facto a standard. When it comes to packaged tools like Informatica in the Data Integration domain achieving CI/CD needs a little bit more effort and planning. Below are the major challenges in implementing a CI/CD process:

  •  Data Integration tools have their own code repository and version control. These may not be
    readily integrated with the CI/CD tools available in the market
  • The repository structure and versioning features don’t support a Branching/ Merging strategy
    which is very essential for a clean code integration when multiple developers are working on
    a single application

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We understand that a CI server is something used by a team or even a whole company, that’s why U-DEPLOYER provides integrated functionality for user management, including assigning user roles and a log with all user actions for the transparency of all activity on the platform.

Helping you achieve better code quality on your project is the ultimate purpose of U-DEPLOYER. You can predefine various validation steps to force a code quality as a build failure condition.

We believe that keeping a history of builds, changes and failures is crucial to the success of any software development process. U-DEPLOYER enables you to run history builds, see statistics and test history reports. All of the changes are accumulated in the change log.

To give you greater control over your CI, we are working on a variety of new features that will make it easier to automate your Informatica Data Integrations pipelines and also help you to organize your development process in a more efficient way.