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Informatica Continuous integration (CI) U-DEPLOYER platform encourage development teams integrate ETL software modules and build the deployments more frequently. This helps in identifying code integration issues faster. Data integration team run multiple tests on the built code and deploy to higher environments in an automated fashion. This helps in delivering software applications to production faster with shorter critical pass in software development life cycle.

Continuous Integration Code Build

Informatica Data Integration development reveals challenges involved in implementing a CI/CD process. Implementing an automated build is not straight-forward and varies greatly depending on use cases. Below are platform options to automate code build.


Automated Regression/Integration Testing

New and existing Data Pipelines which might have impacted by a code change can be executed and tested.  Test alerts and reports
generated from U-DEPLOYER platform give feed back to the Developers/Project Managers in an automated manner.

Powerful Tasks Progress Panel

The entire Continuous Deployment workflow is knitted together in an enterprise grade platform to integrate complex sub steps into consolidated snapshot.

Custom Clean Code

Newly built code is scanned and validated to identify conformance with coding standard and project violations and other issues like code duplication, code built not as per request etc.

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We can help you to integrate through a REST API with many available project/change management platforms e.g  JIRA, Service Now, Remedy etc.

Normally we suggest to use two hours cycle where code artifacts will be tested, validated and deployed from lower environment to upper environment. There is a flexible configuration to set up a schedule of deployment cycles.

The deployment is end-to-end fully automated so every deployment will complete successfully if it does pass pre-configured validation, integration and unit test steps.  Additional manager email notification review/approval step can be included into process flow.

You can configure unlimited number of domains, repositories, folders and environments (e.g  development, testing, integration, pre-production, production).